Audrey Grizzle was a pediatric oncology nurse for 4 and half years. This post originally appeared on her blog, and she sent it to me last week, on the same day that she heard that the sweet boy she wrote about below had passed away from medulloblastoma-a horrific brain tumor. 

Bringing Home My Baby Bumblebee by Audrey Grizzle 

Here’s the amazing thing about doing a hard job – I see miracles on a daily basis.  When I was helping to re-access a 3 year old’s port (in English, shove a needle into a rubber thing in this kid’s chest to have access to a vein directly to his heart) his mom was singing this song, and he was laughing like crazy! Miracle.
I’m bringing home my baby bumblebee.
Won’t my Mommy be so proud of me?
I’m bringing home my baby bumblebee.
OUCH! He stung me!
The miracles are hardly ever the ones that are so frequently prayed for.  In fact, some days anyone being cured seems impossible, but sometimes a song to make a kid laugh is enough.  I occasionally get to rub the hair of a kid who hasn’t needed to be hospitalized in months or even years.  Miracle.  After months and months and months, I get to be the one to tell a kid they’re discharged home for good.  Miracle.  Medicine syringes turn into water guns and get kids out of bed.  Miracle.  Anyway, as much as I kick and scream and cry over my job, I am grateful to witness tiny miracles.

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Sweet, darling Bumble Bee – we will continue to search for a cure in honor of your precious life. Audrey is around these precious lives all day, and reminds us all that, “as much as miracles help us all cope with these tragic stories, funding for research is the only thing that will keep my beautiful patients singing for the many years they so greatly deserve.” Audrey, you are my shero. Thank you for helping these lives see tiny miracles every day.

photo (3)Audrey Grizzle is a southern PK living in Atlanta where she plays bocce, drinks beer, walks her dog, attempts yoga without falling, plans a wedding, avoids cooking at all costs, and works as a clinical research nurse for the BMT team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

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