My dear friend Leanna, writer of For the Birds, contacted me to ask if I wanted to be a part of a Seven Gratitudes link up each Friday. And, I ‘m so glad that she did, because it’s gotten me back into a habit and it has made me stop and take stock of the abundance of things that I have to be grateful for. I’ve missed a few weeks, because I’ve been a C student at life recently, but these are the things that made me smile this week:

    1. Winona Ryder’s face at the SAG awards. And the geniuses who took it and RAN with it. 

2. These crazy faces (and, or course, the unicorn tape dispenser). This is our annual family Christmas picture from two years ago. They are my people. We are weird, wild, loud, passionate, and but we love the hell out of each other.


3. These beautiful people. I got to spend my weekend with my seminary cohort last weekend, and it is always life-giving.


4. Podcasts. Whether I’m sitting in Atlanta traffic or driving from Atlanta to Nashville for class, podcasts make my car a cozy happy place. Here are some of my

Glass Half Full – (This is produced by Sister and friend Nikki). 
The Moth– true stories told live
Magic Lessons

5. Fierce Preachers. For some amazing sermons, I listen to:

The Riverside Church Sermon Podcast 
usually featuring pastor Amy Butler

First Baptist Church, Washington, DC Sermon Podcast
usually featuring pastor Julie Pennington-Russell

First on Fifth Sermon Podcast
usually featuring pastor Emily Hull McGee

House For All Sinners and Saints Sermon Podcast
usually featuring Rev. Reagan Humber or Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber

6. Untimely spring weather and a boss that insists we eat lunch in the sunshine.

Sometimes you just need to feel the sun on your face. 

7. Furry co-workers.

No explanation needed. 

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