Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson


Clothesline Confessional is a sounding board for storytelling and dirty laundry airing, created by Ashley Robinson. The idea for Clothesline Confessional came from the need for a safe place to tell stories of all kinds. Through this blog, Ashley hopes to turn the usual “dirty laundry”: depression, anxiety, being broke, drinking too much, eating too much, not crying enough, heartbreak, Yard-of-the-Month sign stealing, and shameful secrets into something that does not need to be piled into the shady corners of our souls.

Readers may also visit The Laundry page to dump their own “dirty laundry.” Each story will remain on The Laundry pages, and occasionally, Ashley will make a Laundry Day post to highlight some of stories that were shared.

Here are a few posts will tell you the most about Clothesline Confessional

Hope is Delicious: (The one that got the VOTY. I still can’t believe I’m “inspirational.”) 

Athletic and Toned: (This one made people laugh. This is also one of the many reasons why Ashley is horrible at dating.)

What a Friend We Have in Jesus : (This is why I don’t fly.)

Sometimes I write about Anxiety and Depression: I Never Wanted to Die, My Mental Health: “It Looks Good On You”

Sometimes I write about God and Faith Stuff: I am Always Right – Except for That One Time I Got It All Wrong


And this. This is an example of why I began doing all of this in the first place – so that people would find peace in a “Hey, Me too!” moment, and have a safe space to tell their stories.

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