The Laundry – Our Tiny Truths


  • I talk to books and the TV. Characters would be so much better off if they just listened to me. This also makes me look completely insane to some people.

  • I don’t look in mirrors very often. I really only use them to do my hair. I’m never really happy with what I see so I just avoid them.

  • This may sound completely crazy to some people but….I don’t really like chocolate or ice cream (though there are exceptions). I’d rather have something like apple pie or a cake donut.  – LaTorea


  • I am an atheist and I can’t tell anyone because I live in the Bible Belt and it would negatively impact me both socially and as a professional. Not to mention my family.
  • Whenever I go to school functions for my daughter, I feel completely inferior to most of the other parents in the room. Those moms are all so put-together with their make up and styled hair and mom clothes. I like my jeans and my X-men t-shirt, and my hair has a mind of its own.
  • I hate reading mommy blogs. I am insecure enough about whether or not I am doing a good job as a mom, I do not need to listen to Suzy Homemaker talk about how its “so easy” to make 3 healthy meals a day and get her kids to eat them and get them off to all their practices and dance classes and blah blah blah. We are lucky to get to school on time with a peanut butter sandwich in my house.

– Sara

  • I like sweets way too much.

  • Sometimes I’m jealous of other people’s perfect family lives.

  • I wish I did a better job in keeping the house clean after I clean it. – Amanda


  • I talk to my dogs. In my defense I spend most of my day with them around me (under foot), they love me unconditionally.
  • I might have a few “hoarder” tendencies when it comes to craft items.
  • I don’t miss working a 9-5 job. I do however miss connecting with patients (I am an RN), and knowing I am helping them through something tough.

– Robin

  • I’m the world’s best procrastinator. Once I “forgot” about a dirty, expensive tablecloth with food stains. I “found” it months later when things had begun to grow on it. It went in the garbage can.

  • I lie. When someone asks me if I take baths or showers, I say showers b/c I know most people think baths are like swimming in your own muddy water.

  • I am VERY self-conscious. I find myself trying to hold in my stomach when I walk in front of others. When I’m sitting around with others, I try to hold my chin up so my chin rolls won’t be obvious. When I’m at a traffic light, I try to hide my fat arms in case the person beside me looks over.

  • I’d rather vomit than clean house. Hate it.

  • If someone around me is very negative, complaining, and just an all-round jerk, that person is crossed off in my mind and does not exist. I’m all about positive, uplifting and funny people.  – Joy


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